Sports College

Queen Elizabeth’s School was designated as a Specialist Sports College in September 2003.

The initial aim of the specialist status was to improve the sporting opportunities for all members of the school community through a programme of high quality PE and Sport; as well as focussing upon our work in the wider community of “developing sport through the community and developing the community through sport.

We believe that we have successfully achieved this initial aim, and our focus in line with the National Strategy is now to use the specialism to improve standards and achievement across the whole school.

Following very close work with our 4 feeder Middle Schools in September 2009 Queen Elizabeth’s School was delighted to commence a new phase of designation as 5 Specialist Sports Colleges working in partnership with each other. This has brought true cohesion to the experiences that students and indeed the wider community within the East Dorset conurbation can expect from their educational experiences.

High quality PE and Sport form the bedrock of our work. Not only does this provide exciting opportunities for those many students motivated by sport but it also provides excellent opportunities for those who have previously not engaged with any form of physical activity; as we have the time, the resources and the expertise to be able to tempt, encourage and nurture those students who lack confidence and the initial desire to become involved in Sport. Many programmes are targeted at young people who do not readily enjoy success within the world of sport and therefore are unaware of the intrinsic rewards that they might gain from participation; horse riding, rowing, canoeing, sailing, rock climbing are just some of the opportunities that we create for students both within and outside of the curriculum.

In excess of 50 students are members of the Junior Athlete Education Programme mentored by a team of 9 colleagues from all curriculum areas of the school; this programme is designed for the student to achieve their academic and sporting potential.

A thriving leadership programme is headed up by the very successful Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, Sports Leader programmes and the establishment of “Team QE”; an in house initiative to provide Young Ambassadors and Peer Mentors to work across all areas of school life and within the wider community.

Queen Elizabeth’s School prides itself on the volume and quality of outreach work that occurs; colleagues and students regularly work within our feeder First and Middle Schools supporting and creating a range of opportunities using sport as a vehicle to learn both for the leaders and the pupils in the partner schools.

We also are pleased to have developed an excellent base of opportunities via our affiliation to the Youth Sport Trust; some of the programmes that we have been actively involved in are as follows:

  • Dreams and Teams
  • Born to Win
  • Step into Sport
  • Young Olympic Ambassadors
  • Induction partners programme
  • Partnership Schools Programme

As a Sports College we work closely with the Exercise Physiologists VOTWO, they are based within the Athlete Education Centre and provide support for students academically and for those working on a performance programme within their own sports. Close liaison occurs between the National Governing Bodies and their fitness protocols as well as supporting students studying a range of subjects at GCSE or Advanced level with their coursework and their preparation for their final examinations.

As a Sports College we are constantly striving to improve our provision of opportunities for all members of the school and wider community.

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The Duke of Edinburgh's Award

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award programme is dedicated to the personal development of young people. The award is available to all young people age range from 14 to 25 and can be accessed at three levels - bronze, silver and gold.

At Queen Elizabeth's School students have the oppoprtunity to begin their bronze award at Easter of Year 9 and then work on through to gold in Post-16 if they so wish.

You achieve the award by completing a personal programme in four activities; you'll find yourself helping people in the community, getting fitter, developing skills and going on an expedition. You choose what you will do for these sections. It will usually take six months to complete your bronze award.

If you want to find out more details about this rewarding and exciting opportunity then please look on the award website at

Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition

Duke of Edinburgh's Expedition

Please contact Jan Watson, Director of Specialism if you would like to become involved in the Sports College work or indeed if you have any questions or queries.