QE Family 50/50 Club

May 6, 2017

What is the 50/50 Club?

50/50 Club

 It’s a fundraising club for parents and staff. But you don’t just pay in – it pays out cash prizes too!


How does it work?

Everyone in the club pays £8 three times a year. Cash prizes are paid each term to our lucky winners. Half the money raised is paid as prizes, and the other half goes to QE Family PTA funds. That’s why it’s called the 50/50 Club.


Where does the money go?

The money that is not paid in cash prizes goes towards extra facilities and amenities for students at QE.


How much does it cost?

Membership costs £8 per term (£24 per year), paid by Standing Order from your bank account.


Who decides who wins?

When you join the 50/50 Club, you are allocated a number. Every month, three numbers are drawn at random, so three members win cash prizes. The prize money is paid directly into the winners’ bank accounts.


How to join

Simply contact Mark Willis (mwillis@qe.dorset.sch.uk) and we will send you an application form. The more members there are, the bigger the cash prizes!

50/50 Club Rules


1. The Club shall be known as the QE Family PTA 50/50Club.

2. Prizes will be unfixed. 50% of the monthly income shall be distributed as prize money, 50% will be used to benefit the school and its students.

3. A Prize draw shall be made each month. (With the exception of the August draw which will take place the first week of September).

4. Members shall be required to pay a year’s subscription (per number) in the form of three standing order payments or 1 cheque post dated to 1st June 2016. Any member who falls into arrears shall forfeit their membership and shall not be eligible for the prize draw.

5. Notice of each month’s winner will appear in the School Newsletter.

6. The decisions of the QE Family PTA shall be final on any matter requiring adjudication. The Friends shall have the power to amend these rules at their discretion.

7. Each member shall be given a number on joining and will be entered into each termly draw (so long as the fees are paid).

8. The draw shall be made in the presence of at least two members of the PTA committee and will be drawn at an event if possible.

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