Welcome to the English Faculty.

We are a team of twelve teachers, all of whom teach across the Key Stages. We are assisted by two specialist Teaching Assistants and work closely with the Inclusion team in supporting students with additional needs in English.

Our students have opportunities to attend conferences, workshops and performances as well as participate in National Competitions. Recent trips have included visits to The Royal Shakespeare Theatre at Stratford, a performance at Poole's Lighthouse, a Sixth-Form Poetry Conference and a theatre trip to London. Over thirty of our Year 9 students have had short stories published this year and many contribute to the school magazine 'Le Quip'. We are always looking for opportunities outside the classroom to bring English to life!

Our KS3/KS4 curriculum has recently undergone significant change in the light of New Specifications for GCSE and we are excited to be able to offer a range of qualifications:

  • GCSE Core English
  • GCSE English Language
  • GCSE Literature
  • AS/A2 Language and Literature
  • AS/A2 Literature

In Year 9 students cover six units of work which are assessed through independent homework tasks. Units include: the study of a Novel; Poetry; Media and Shakespeare. In the Summer Term, all students will begin their first GCSE Unit (3c: The Study of Multi-Modal Communication).

In Year 10 & 11 students will follow either the AQA GCSE English or the AQA GCSE English Language and GCSE English Literature syllabus depending on ability.

GCSE English Language

They will produce four pieces of Controlled Assessment for English Language after studying the units outlined below:

  • Unit 3a (Extended Reading) - 'Of Mice and Men'
  • Unit 3b (Creative Writing) - Moving Image, Recreation, Personal Experience or Commission
  • Unit 3C (The Study of Multi-Modal Communication)

GCSE English Literature

The will produce one Controlled Assessment essay after studying the following unit

  • Unit 3 (Shakespeare and the Literary Heritage) Romeo & Juliet compared with Tony Kytes

GCSE English

  • Unit 3a (Understanding Creative Texts) Of Mice and Men, Shakespeare & War Poetry
  • Unit 3b (Producing Creative Texts) Moving Image, Recreation, Personal Experience or Commission

For all courses the examination will take place at the end of Year 11. They will also produce a Speaking & Listening folder including the three key areas – Presentation, Group Discussion and Drama.

Post-16 Curriculum

English is a popular 'A' Level choice for many of our students. The Post-16 Information evening is an invaluable opportunity to talk with staff to discover which course would be most suitable and advice is also available both from Connexions and the School Careers Adviser in order for students to make informed decisions. Each year many of our students go on to read English and English related courses as Undergraduates.

We currently offer two courses to both AS and A2 level and follow the AQA Specification:

  • English Language and Literature A (ELLA)
  • English Literature B (LITB)