Resistant Materials

Resistant Materials gives all students the opportunity to design and manufacture individual working projects from a range of materials within a workshop environment. Students will learn how to use tools and machines to shape and form materials including wood, metals and plastics.

The world of work gives us all many challenges and the design process within Resistant Materials gives all students an ability to analyse problems and then devise and make solutions. A problem solving skill that can be used throughout a lifetime of experiences.

Making skills are developed through year 9 into KS4 where they are used to manufacture a variety of artefacts culminating in one largely of the student's own choice. In the past this had led to a huge variety of projects being manufactured from small storage items through larger pieces of furniture via skateboards, boom boxes and even sections of vehicles!

At GCSE students currently follow the Edexcel specification.

AS/A2 Product Design: Resistant Materials

Students are encouraged to continue their work in Resistant Materials into years 12 and 13 by taking a Product Design course in this material area and again, following the Edexcel specification.

The assessment and course layout is similar to that in years 10 and 11, they will develop their designing and making skills by producing a portfolio of work based around analysing, designing and making products.

In year 13 they will then undertake a major design and make project using an external client as their customer and produce a commercially viable product.