QE Family



Q What is the ‘QE Family’?

A A flexible and informal group of QE staff, students’ families, and people from the local communities covered by the school’s catchment area – even students if they wish! All are welcomed to contribute

The aim is to strengthen links between QE School students, staff, students’ families and the local communities in order to enrich the life of the school, and ensure it’s seen as a hub for local communities

Q Why is there now a ‘QE Family’?

A The school doesn’t have a Parent Teacher Association, but when consulted parents volunteering for the QE Family much preferred the model above to a traditional PTA approach – many involved would run a mile from one of those!

Q How will the QE Family achieve its aim?

A By a wide range of actions - planning has just started. All contributions from as wide a range of people with different skills, knowledge and experiences as possible will make the outcomes better – if you feel you’re not the ‘type’ it’s probably you who’s needed!

Q When does the QE Family meet?

A Meetings will be once a month at QE School, at 6.30pm for about an hour in A204. . Why not try it out?  Please join us, you will be very welcome.

Meeting Dates for 2017:

Wednesday 24th May
Wednesday 21st June
Wednesday 20th September
Wednesday 18th October
Wednesday 29th November

Meeting Dates for 2018:

Wednesday 24th January
Wednesday 21st February
Wednesday 21st March
Wednesday 24th April
Wednesday 23rd May
Wednesday 27th June

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