Message from Dorset Police

Message from Dorset Police

Dear all


The following relates to an incident which was reported to the police on 24 January 2018 by Cranborne Middle School.  I must apologise as I have only been made aware of this incident today and the school itself sent out a message to parents yesterday as per the attached document.


Further details of the incident are as follows:


At some time before 0920 hrs on Wednesday 24 January, students for Cranborne Middle School were waiting for a bus in the Alderholt area when an old white transit van has been seen in the area of a bus stop.  The driver has got out of the vehicle briefly but did not approach any children.  He has returned to his van and driven off.


The driver of the van is described as a white male, early 30’s, short hair, stubble and wearing a tracksuit.


Local officers have been made aware.  Police message I24:95 refers.


This information has been sent as part of School Watch for your awareness and dissemination as deemed appropriate.




Sally Stapleton


Detective Sergeant 0078 Sally Stapleton

FIB | Poole Police Station | Wimborne Road Poole |BH15 2BP |email: |

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