Food Technology

Food Technology gives students an opportunity to increase their knowledge of a range of topics concerning food issues including healthy eating, nutrition, how ingredients work together and more current issues such as organic foods and Fairtrade. We are keen to increase the students cooking skills so that they are able to plan and produce healthy and interesting meals and food products.

In Year 9 the students complete two units based on healthy eating main meals and investigating and designing baked products. We encourage them to choose their own recipes and to work independently.

At GCSE the students follow the AQA examination course concentrating on theory and making skills in year 10 and the coursework and revision in Year 11.

Students are encouraged to continue their studies into A Level which also follows the AQA syllabus. Students produce a portfolio in both Years 12 and 13 which demonstrates how they have used the design process to design and make an original food product. This involves trialling and developing a range of design ideas and the completion of a final product.