The Exams Office is responsible for administering internal and external examinations at QE: This involves collecting entries from faculties and submitting them to the exam boards, working out seating plans, sending off scripts for marking and distributing results and certificates.

Please contact the Exams Office by email with any questions you have: exams@qe.dorset.sch.uk

Exams Managers: Sharon Powis and Kate Stride

Summer 2018 Examination Pack
Summer 2018 Examination Pack Letter
Summer 2018 Examination Pack

Policies and Procedures

Examinations Policy

For more information about the administration of examinations in England and Wales please visit the                 Joint Council for Qualifications website.

Summer 2018 Subject timetable of exams for GCE and GCSE

These timetables are to give you an outline of when the summer exams will be held at QE school. The date is unlikely to change but the time of the exam will be dependent on the level of entries and will not be confirmed until seating plans are issued prior to the summer exams period.

Skeleton-Timetable 2018 GCE

Skeleton-Timetable 2018 GCSE

JCQ Information for Candidates



Information-for-candidates--Privacy Notice

Information-for-candidates--social media

Information-for-candidates--written exams

Information-for-candidates - coursework

Please note that any exam clashes will be rectified when timetables are produced

Certificates of Results for 2018 Examinations

Certificates will arrive with us by December following your exams in the summer. You can collect your certificates by prior arrangement with the exams office, please email exams@qe.dorset.sch.uk.                                              

Please note: If you require anyone to collect a certificate on your behalf you will need to provide us with written permission (email will suffice) and they will need to bring ID.

It is not our exams office policy to post certificates because of their value and the cost of replacing them. Regulations state that certificates should be stored for a minimum of 12 months from the date of issue.

Exams Results 2018

GCE results will be available from the school on Thursday 16th August 2018

GCSE results will be available from the school on Thursday 23rd August 2018

Results will be distrubuted in sealed envelopes, address to the student/candidate. If someone is unable to collect their results, we can post them, email or they can be collected by a nominated person.

If you would like them posted, a stamped addressed envelope needs to be provided to the exams office before the end of the summer term. If they are to be collected by someone else, this needs to be confirmed in writing prior to results day (email or letter). The person collecting must have identification and a copy of the written instruction from the student/candidate.

Please note we cannot give out results over the phone and we can only give the results to the candidate/student and not their parents/carers.

Post-Results Services

Information about our post-results services are included in the Summer Examination Pack 

Summer 2018 Examination Pack

Candidates applying for a service must complete the form and send it to the exams office with a proof of payment. It must arrive by 9am of the deadline date listed either by hand or by email. Please address envelopes left in school to the exams office and mark it as urgent.


Lost or unclaimed Examination Certificates

If you have lost or failed to collect your certificates this information sheet may be able to help you;

Replacement Certificates info-sheet